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I find it hard to compare travel insurance policies and choose the right one. What should my priorities be when buying travel insurance?

  • The best possible cover that you can afford for medical expenses and for getting you home if you become injured or fall ill abroad. With some policies, cover for medical expenses might be only €3m – but with others it could be €20m.
  • Remember, the cost of a lengthy stay in hospital abroad could run to more than €100,000 – particularly in the United States. This is why you need good cover for medical expenses.
  • Good cover for personal injury and cover for accidents or damage caused by you.
  • A plan that covers repatriation (getting remains flown home) – in case the worst happens. The cost of repatriation could be more than €10,000, depending on the holiday destination.
  • Good cover for holiday cancellation or missed departures.
  • Cover for lost or delayed luggage.
  • Cover for any activities you’re planning to take part in over the course of your holiday – such as golf, skiing/winter sports, safari or any high-risk activities you’re planning to take part in (black water rafting etc)