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Mortgage Protection brought to you in association with the Credit Union

Our home is a place to relax, a base for our families and a home to our children. Like many people, your mortgage is probably your largest financial responsibility.

Working with Royal London, our Mortgage Protection packages are some of the best you’ll find.  We offer one of the longest terms available, one of the highest life cover terms, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a cheaper price, in fact, if you find a cheaper price, let us know, and we can match it!

Mortgage Protection

Life Insurance that ensures that should you get ill or die, you will be able to pay off your outstanding debt 

Some of the great reasons why customers choose Peopl Insurance for their Mortgage Protection

  • Instant quick quote (as quick as 60 seconds)
  • Mortgage Protection cover allowing for a term of up to 40 years
  • New customers welcomed up to 75 years of age
  • Cover can be extended to a member’s 90th birthday
  • Market Price Match – you can’t be beaten on price
  • First month free – cover starts immediately, meaning we provide the first month free
  • Premiums for as little as €10 a month (including 1% government levy)
  • Special Events Increase Benefit – if you increase your mortgage, get married, have or adopt a child
    you can increase your cover level
  • Quote online, with the policy activated through our dedicated call centre
  • 100 day reinstatement (longest in the market) – available even if there has been a claim event.
  • No fuss Separation Option – A joint life policy can be split into two single life policies.
  • Free access to a dedicated nurse providing additional support beyond a financial pay-out