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Intruder Alarm Discount

“I’ve just bought my first home and it doesn’t have an intruder alarm so I am thinking of installing one myself. I’m quite handy with electrics though I’m not a qualified electrician per se. A friend mentioned my home insurance might not cover me if I do this. Is that right?”

Paul Walsh, spokesman of Peopl Insurance

This will depend on whether or not you claim a home insurance discount.

Most insurers offer a Home Insurance discount – typically in the region of between 5% and 10% – if you have an approved intruder alarm fitted in your private house or apartment. However, there are a number of conditions which must be met when claiming an intruder alarm discount. For example, many insurers will not cover loss or damage to your home as a result of theft or attempted theft unless the intruder alarm system meets a particular standard (typically EN50131 or IS199 standard) and is fitted by an approved installer or alarm company.

As you are not a qualified electrician, it is unlikely that you fit your insurer’s criteria for an approved installer – and if this is the case, you would not be covered for break-ins in the event that you install your own alarm and claim an alarm discount. Even if you don’t claim the alarm discount, you should check with your insurer if you will be covered for break-ins if you fit the intruder alarm yourself.

If you go ahead and hire an approved installer to fit your alarm, be aware too of the other conditions which must be met if claiming an alarm discount – for example, your alarm must usually be set and working when there is no person at home.