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Accidental Damage Cover

Introducing the hero of your home – Accidental Damage Cover! This additional safeguard protects your residence and valuables from the unexpected chaos of accidents. No more fretting over spills on your beloved carpet or a window shattered by a stray ball. This optional ally steps in to assist, managing repair or replacement expenses for incidents that standard policies may overlook. Whether it’s your home’s foundation or your treasured items, this coverage is there to support you when life takes an unexpected turn!

Home Sweet Home… Oops, Not Covered

When you lend out or sublet your home, the accidental damage add-on may not provide protection, leaving you vulnerable to potential damages without insurance coverage. It is also important to note that leaving your home unoccupied for over 30 days can pose a risk as your accidental damage add-on might not cover damages during this period, highlighting the importance of securing your property even when vacant.

Exclusions Galore

Irish insurance policies may limit coverage to specific damages under buildings, so it’s crucial to review policy details to avoid surprises if your mishap falls outside the designated list. This may include accidental damage mishaps from DIY projects, emphasising the importance of being cautious during home improvements to prevent disappointments with insurance claims. It is important to note, if your neighbour or friend has the mishap on your property, be it helping or otherwise, your accidental damage add-on may not cover this.

Furry Friends Fiascos

Damage caused by pets like chewing and scratching may not be covered by Irish insurance policies, prompting pet owners to take precautions to protect their homes. In fact, most accidents caused by your pet may not be covered. For example, if your pup decides to try help with painting and shakes paint over your carpets, this may not be covered! It is imperative to make sure you double check the fine print when buying.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Significant renovations or repairs may not align with insurance expectations in Ireland, where mishaps during these activities may not be fully covered by accidental damage add-ons. Homeowners should be aware of limitations in accidental damage add-ons during cleaning or restoration processes, helping them mitigate risks and ensure adequate protection for their properties.

Stay Informed, Stay Covered!

Understanding the boundaries and exclusions of accidental damage add-ons is crucial for homeowners in Ireland to proactively manage risks and be prepared for unexpected events, ensuring peace of mind and comprehensive protection. Remember, a knowledgeable homeowner is a content homeowner! 😄🏠