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Paul Walsh CEO of Peopl. Insurance

I’ve just returned from the US after nearly two years working there. I had car insurance in Ireland before I left but it lapsed while I was abroad so I need to insure my car again. Will I still be able to claim the No-Claims Bonus I had before I left?

Your Irish No-Claims Bonus (NCB) is no longer valid if more than two years have passed since your Irish motor insurance policy was cancelled or lapsed. You mention you’ve been abroad for almost two years and that your Irish car insurance policy lapsed while you were away. If this is the case, your Irish NCB may not yet have expired – though it could be about to. You should therefore make it your priority to insure your car as soon as possible – and certainly before your Irish NCB expires. As your NCB could cut your premium by a significant amount, it’s the most valuable discount you have, so the cost of your car insurance is likely to increase substantially if you lose it.

In the event that you don’t get your car insurance up and running before your Irish NCB expires, all may not be lost. If you have claims-free driving experience in the US in your own name, your insurer could take this experience into consideration if you seek a quote on your return to Ireland – as long as you can provide proof of claims-free driving experience abroad.