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Airline Cancellations

“I’ve just booked flights to France for a family camping holiday this summer. We’ve hired a car to get us from the airport to the campsite. The most expensive element of our holiday is the flights.  Do we need to bother with travel insurance – I thought that if my airline cancels my flight, it’s obliged to give me a refund anyway?”

Paul Walsh, Spokesman for  Peopl Insurance

You’ll usually be offered the choice of a refund or reroute if an airline cancels your flight – if you’re travelling within the EU, arrive in the EU on an EU airline, or you depart from the EU. However, airline refunds are sometimes hard fought for – as many of us who booked holidays ahead of, or during, the Covid pandemic discovered. Furthermore, even if an airline refunds the cost of a flight, you could struggle to get a refund for other elements of your trip, including your accommodation and car hire. There are also other reasons – apart from your airline cancelling your flight – that you may have to cancel your holiday. These could include if you or your traveling companion are injured or ill, if you’re travelling companion dies, if you or your travelling companion are hospitalised due to Covid within 28 days of your trip, and if there’s a burglary at your home within 48 hours of your trip. A good travel insurance policy will usually offer cancellation cover in the event you have to cancel your holiday for those reasons, depending on the terms and conditions of the policy. While it appears your main concern is around the cancellation cover offered by travel insurance, don’t underestimate the importance of the cover for medical expenses which is provided by travel insurance in the event you or your family become ill or injured when abroad. One of the most common reasons for travel insurance claims is medical expenses.