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Welcome Comhar Linn Members to our preferred partner for Insurance – Peopl Insurance.

What can Peopl Insurance provide Comhar Linn Members? Peopl’s home insurance packages make sure that you have complete coverage for your home and all its contents.  After all home is where the heart is.

Backed by some of the leading Insurance companies in RSA, Liberty and AIG we will ensure that you get a fair quote every time. So rest assured if lightening strikes or your fish tank leaks, we’ve got you covered.

At Peopl, we believe in insurance built better.  That’s why, in conjunction with our Comhar Linn Credit Union, we want to make checking your renewal price even more rewarding.

Why choose Peopl Insurance for your home?

Easy, quick and friendly quote with same day cover

Quote engine that provides you with a fair premium

We don’t just roll over your renewal every year, we get you a fair price everytime

Building Cover up to €750,000 and Contents Cover up to €210,000

10% uplift in cover at Christmas

Backed by the insurers you know and trust