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Important documents/information to pack ahead of your holiday in case something goes wrong when you’re abroad

  • The 24-hour contact numbers of your car insurer (if driving abroad), travel insurer and private health insurer; the number of the emergency services – and the Irish embassy – in the country you are visiting; and the number of a close friend or relative.
  • The European Health Insurance Card. Invaluable if holidaying within the EU or EEA. It allows you to get public healthcare for free – or at a reduced cost – in another EU or EEA (European Economic Area). It also covers Switzerland.
  • Your credit card – the costs incurred during an emergency can be high and so your spending money may not cover them.
  • If planning to drive your own car on holiday, pack your driving licence and Vehicle Registration Certificate. Make sure you have comprehensive car insurance and that the policy will be valid for the entire duration of your trip.
  • Get car breakdown cover which will cover you if you will be driving your car in mainland Europe.