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What are the most common mistakes people can make with travel insurance?

  • Relying solely on private health insurance – for medical expenses – when travelling. Private health insurance will typically only cover you for up to €100,000 of expenses that arise from a medical emergency abroad. You may need more than that.
  • Not disclosing any medical conditions you have to your travel insurer before you buy the policy. You risk not being covered if you do this.
  • Not checking the exact cover you have if you’re planning to drive your own car on holiday. There are often shortfalls here around cover for courtesy cars and cover for car breakdown and towing charges. May also be a limit to the amount of time you are covered to drive your car abroad.
  • Not buying an excess waiver. Buy an excess waiver if you have the option to do so as this will prevent you from being hit with an excess (the first part of a claim you must pay for yourself) should you make a claim. Without the excess waiver, often there is no point making a small travel insurance claim (for a few hundred euro or less).
  • Assuming that you’re covered for everything. This is particularly the case if you’re planning to take part in high-risk activities while abroad or if you’re planning to travel off-the-beaten track. Some travel insurers won’t cover travel to certain geographic areas.
  • Not reading the small print of the policy.
  • Not buying travel insurance at all.
  • Not buying travel insurance at the time you book your trip. It’s always a good idea to buy travel insurance at the time you book your trip in case you need to cancel your holiday nearer the time.