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Upon return from a golfing trip in the US, I realised that most of my golf clubs, including the protective golf bag they were stored in, were bent in transit, making them unusable. The travel insurance policy I took out for the trip covered lost or stolen clubs but, I am not sure if they will cover damaged items. Can you advise me please?


Paul Walsh, CEO of Peopl Insurance:

This will depend on the terms and conditions of your travel policy. Most insurers will cover the cost of damage to your golf equipment – as long as golf cover is included in your policy. Not all standard travel insurance policies include golf cover. Check your policy details for the amount of cover available and for any restrictions on cover. In most cases, the amount payable will be the price of the golf clubs if you were to buy them today, with a deduction for wear and tear.

There is usually a limit to the total cover available and this limit could be in the region of €250 for a single item and a maximum total limit of €1,500. If golf equipment is damaged while in transit, you must report it to the carrier or airline within a certain time. Make sure to keep all travel tickets and baggage tags associated with the trip as these are vital pieces of information for your claim.

You could instead add your  golf clubs on your home insurance cover or if you are a golf club member.