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Irish Wanderlust on the Rise: Protect Your Adventures with Timely Insurance

Paul Walsh, spokesman for Peopl Insurance.

Commenting on the CSO Household Travel Survey for Q4 2023.

“The continued upsurge in overseas holidays, which saw Irish people take 27% more international trips in the last three months of 2023 when compared to the same months in 2022, puts back into focus how crucial it is for Irish holidaymakers take travel insurance – and not just as they are running out the door to the airport. Based on claims submitted by our own policyholders, a third of all claims related to cancellations prior to travel due to illness.

Very few of us expect things to go wrong when on holiday – but it happens more often than you might like to think.

The most common reason for a travel insurance claim is to cover the cost of medical expenses, according to our own internal data – and a third of claims relate to illness whilst abroad.

So, it is hugely important to have good medical cover on your travel insurance policy in case you become ill or injured when abroad. With some travel insurance policies, cover for medical expenses could be €10m or €20m.

While this morning’s report shows that most of the overseas trips taken by Irish residents are to the UK, EU and Europe, there’s been a steady increase in the number of trips to Canada and the US. Those embarking on long haul trips such as this should be sure to have good travel cover for missed connecting flights as well as for any medical expenses incurred if they become sick or injured abroad. The bill for medical expenses in some international countries could run into the tens of thousands and you will not be able to rely on the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if travelling outside the EU or European Economic Area. The EHIC allows you to get public healthcare for free or at a reduced cost – however, it is only valid within the EU and EEA (European Economic Area), as well as Switzerland.

It is interesting that this morning’s report shows there’s been a 11% increase in the number of domestic trips being taken by Irish holidaymakers. This suggests that the Irish are still keen to holiday at home, though not to the same extent as abroad, where there was a much bigger increase in the number of trips taken.”