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City Dweller Advice

“I’m a city dweller with a car that I rarely use. I’m considering taking the car off-road for a few years so I save on tax, insurance and maintenance. Is this a good idea?”

While it will certainly save you money by taking your car off the road, it would be a good idea not to allow your car insurance to lapse for more than two years. Otherwise, should you decide to start driving again after a few years, and your previous car insurance policy has expired by more than two years, you cannot use your previous no claims bonus – which means you’ll likely pay substantially more for your car insurance than you are currently paying. A No Claims bonus is usually valid for a period of two years from the last date on which your policy was in force. Make sure to store your car somewhere safe while it is off the road – be aware that if it is not insured, you won’t be covered for any fire damage to or theft of your car. A standard home insurance policy won’t cover the theft of a car, though it may cover theft from your car (up to the limits on your policy).