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Cancer Care brought to you in association with the Credit Union

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is one of the most difficult things that can happen in anyone’s life. If you or a family member receive a cancer diagnosis, your present insurance may not be enough to cover all your expenses. Working with AIG, our Cancer Care plans are some of the best you’ll find. Our Cancer Care Plan is designed to give you cash in hand to help you and your family during this very difficult time.

This year in Ireland, it’s estimated that someone will be diagnosed with cancer every 3 minutes.

Most people survive cancer. However, cancer patients and their loved ones are facing a financial crisis while going through treatment.

The average cost to someone dealing with cancer is €756 a month. This can rise in some cases to over €1,000.

Some of the great reasons why customers choose Peopl Insurance for their Cancer Care plan

Our affordable cover and benefits are designed to help you with the financial consequences and implications of a cancer diagnosis. In addition, we provide a range of health and wellbeing services.

Our plan pays you directly unlike health insurance
You’ll be covered 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year
You can use the money however you wish
Enjoy AIG’s Health & Wellness Club

A Choice Of Cover Levels With our Cancer Care Plan

Standard Cover

Double Cover


€ 7,500

€ 15,000

Income Benefit (1 year)



After Surgery

€ 4,000

€ 8,000

Day-case surgery (5 visits)



In-patient hospitalisation (100 days)



Total Benefit

€ 32,000

€ 64,000

How it works

Our Cancer Care Plan offers benefits to help you if you have been diagnosed or are receiving treatment for Cancer with cash paid directly to you and for you to use any way you want to. Our cover is designed to give you financial aid and can work as supplemental insurance to help you with what your health insurance plan might not give you i.e. cash benefits

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Cancer Care Plan FAQs

How to make a Cancer Care claim

The aim of the Cancer Cover Plan is to get financial help to you as soon as possible following diagnosis of a cancer covered by the Plan.

To claim, you simply need to contact Cancer Cover Claims as soon as reasonably practical after diagnosis which is likely to lead to a claim. You can call 1800 646 747 or write to:

Cancer Cover Claims,
AIG Europe S.A.,
30 North Wall,
International Financial Services Centre,
Dublin 2   

We will send you a claim form and ask you to provide some information and evidence that supports the diagnosis of cancer, including a histopathological report on your cells and tissues.

You can also download the claim form by clicking the form at the bottom of the page.

If we need you to have a medical examination we will pay the cost of it . Should the worst happen, we may also ask for a post-mortem examination.

What age does the plan stop?

This plan stops at the age of 75.

What is the Maximum benefit payable under the Cancer Care Plan?

€32,000 on the Standard Cover and €64,000 on the Double Cover

Can I take out more cover, even if I buy additional policies?

No, €64,000 is the maximum we wish to insure for any one person

If a person has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer can they still take out the plan?

Yes, but it needs to be made very clear to them that any cancers that arise directly or indirectly from this cancer will not be covered under the plan. The same applies to any Pre-Existing Condition.

How soon can I claim from when I take out the policy?

There is a 90 days waiting period before you can claim. If you are diagnosed in this time there is no cover under the policy for that cancer. Your policy will also be cancelled and all premiums returned. Also if you get medical advice, have symptoms or tests, or receive any medication or treatment for cancer within 90 days of your cover starting.

If I had Cancer already, am I excluded from joining the plan?

No. You can still join the plan but you are excluded from making a claim on that particular illness. However we recommend that you do not take it out as invariably there is a link between pre-existing conditions and newly diagnosed ones which mean the policy may not be of benefit to you in certain situations.

If there is a history of a particular Cancer in my family, am I excluded from taking out cover?

No. We do not take hereditary conditions into account, nor do we exclude a person from certain cover due to family history.

If I join a plan as a smoker and then give up smoking while on the plan, will my premium be reduced?

Yes, once you give up smoking, you must notify us and be a non smoker for 24 months. We will then adjust your premium.

Does my cover cease if I make a claim on the Cancer Care Plan?

No, the plan allows for multiple claims to be made. However the plan is based on the diagnosis of primary site, therefore, if a Cancer reoccurs in a person (in a secondary site), they cannot make a further claim in this instance. The maximum amount you can claim under the Standard Cover is €32,000 and under the Double Cover is €64,000.

Will my premium increase if I make a claim on the Cancer Care Plan?Will my premium increase if I make a claim on the Cancer Care Plan?

No, your premium does not increase after making a claim on the plan. You can continue to pay the same premium. The Cancer Care Plan premiums are based on your age and whether you are a smoker or non smoker. Your premium does increase with age.

Why do premiums increase with age?

Because it is a statistical fact that as age increases so, too does the risk of cancer. To reflect this we increase premiums in brackets of 5 years.

How will I know when my premium is about to increase and do I need to fill out any forms?

No you do not need to do anything and we will write to you giving you advanced notice.

What is a pre existing medical condition?

Any medical condition (whether diagnosed or not) for which, before the effective date, you:

  1. Received medication, advice or treatment
  2. Experienced symptoms
  3. Any condition which you were aware of (whether diagnosed or not) at the effective date will be considered to be a pre-existing condition.